This morning Florida Gov. Ron Desantis brought his unique approach to governing to offer up a new plan to stop gun violence in America.

After careful review, Desantis has found the one common denominator in all of these attacks, and it isn’t guns.

In a statement at a hastily called presser this morning Desantis points out something we have all overlooked. What is the one thing all of these attacks feature? Some would say the obvious, guns, but after careful consideration Desantis pointed out the following:

“These senseless attacks contiue to plague our country and while I can’t do anything about other states just yet I can address it here in the great state of Florida. The one thing that I think is the root of all of these attacks is what always follows them, Thoughts and Prayers. That is why just like I did with Disney and putting a ban on using the word Gay, I as Gov. of this great state will immediately announce a ban on Thoughts and Prayers.

It is clear that all of the shooters are just interested in trying to get people to think and pray. While some sit around and say “Why did this happen?” The answer is as clear as the erection higher office brings to me. So effective immediately anyone found to be thinking or praying will be eligble to be sued by the Gun manufacturing lobby, Alex Jones, or any wealthy persons or groups of persons that may have an interest in donating to GOP candidates from Florida with the Initials R.D.