You contact your local Uber driver to take you to the local watering hole to be a safety-conscious driver and avoid putting others’ lives in danger, but at what cost? Sure you could save money and drink responsibly but that isn’t what being a party animal is all about, you need that ride. All is going well until you notice a foul odiferous smell of McDonald’s coffee brew waft through the air.

Sure it would be easy to blame the driver, but that ignores the role of corporate America. Did you realize that gig workers are often under enormous stress to not turn their phones off? Often times drivers are working on a bonus that is lost if they stop to go to the bathroom. That is right stopping to answer nature’s call will often deprive that driver of feeding their kids or as most often the case, their one cat that is named after a favorite movie or tv character, like Catniss, Santa Claws, the Great Catsby or my favorite Mr. Mewogi.

What is the answer that would save your delicate sensibilities yet allow the driver to continue to be abused by a payment system that is created by our corporate overlords? Short of letting drivers have breaks that don’t cost them money in their pocket it would seem we need to be more creative.

I suggest Uber, Lyft, and other corporate entities are required to provide adult diapers that would allow the drivers to merrily go about their business while doing their business. I mean if a NASA employee can use that technology to attempt the murder of her lover’s wife then Uber/Lyft can help us solve real-world problems on Earth.

You say wouldn’t the smell still be a problem? Yes but adult diapers are now capable of masking odors with carbon systems that can let the driver continue on the journey of urinary system abuse.

America is too great of a country to allow the abuse to continue, it is time for the customers to stand up and make a stand for the kidneys of someone dedicated to providing you a marginally safe drive at odd hours of the day. As John Meowcamp would say “You gotta stand for something or fall for anything.”.