The NFL rankings have been changed thanks to a hard-pressing Deshaun Watson. Many pundits have talked it over and have come to a consensus that Watson is now 3rd in NFL scandals.

Like many professional fields the NFL has had its share of scandals but when asked to place Watson on the list it was hard, the only thing we are sure of is that he is indeed a pervert.

Here is my ranking of NFL Scandals

10. Deflategate

9. Minnesota Vikings Loveboat scandal

8. Eddie Debartolo Extortion case

7. Spygate

6. Deshaun Watson said he decided to pick the Browns because of the team and it had nothing to do with the 230 million dollars fully guaranteed contract.

5. The price of food and beer at NFL games

4. Andrew Berry and The Haslems said they did extensive research and were comfortable signing a pervert.

3. Deshaun Watson calls all those therapists and then does nothing wrong with his penis slaps.

2. Ray Rice domestic abuse

1. Personal seat license abuse of fans.