Kiefer Sutherland is excited to hear he may be asked to Reprise his role from the tv series “Designated Survivor”.

It seems many of former Presidents Donald J. Trump coconspirators’ are determined to blow up the capitol building this year at the nations State Of The Union Speech.

The idea of killing every member of congress excites former Trumpicans to no end and they also can double down on their anger for ABC cancelling their own version of “Fantasy Island” which was the show “Designated Survivor”.

Earl Stoges from Southern Ohio said the following “Look I was pert near pissed off when they cancelled cultured a great TV show but nowin I realize we can have life copy art, and that show was Art!”

When contacted Mr. Sutherland replied with “I certainly do not wish the Capitol and most of the leaders of our Federal Government to be blown up but, if that should happen I have 3 seasons of experience and could use my knowledge to quickly rebuild the new Government with the help of Mitch Cockroach McConnell who I am certain would survive.”

This reporter hopes this dream of the right-wing nut bags does not come true, but if I were in congress and I noticed that Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Lauren Boebert, and MT Greene get up to leave the State of the Union I would be heading for the door myself.