Gone are the days when a school bully can come to class and do their sexual name-calling, crude comments, vulgar gestures, uninvited touching, sexual propositioning. A bully now has to be more inventive and often even when they have successfully destroyed another students self esteem there is no-one there to see it, which makes the satisfaction of the conquest almost hollow.

Don’t get me wrong bullies did enjoy the total bullying of the Trump administration trying to steal an election and the ensuing insurrection, but the ultimate failure of the attempt, reminded them of their isolation and the longing for the “Good Old Days”.

Many bullies have turned to watching old movies like “Karate Kid” and then branching off into the new series “Cobra Kai” as a stop gap. The show still leaves them empty, longing for the days to once again harm others physical and social being.

The bullies themselves are not the only one being affected by the “Remote Learning Crisis” as groups such as “The Proud Boys, 3%ers, Oath Keepers” are very upset that the future members of their organizations are being dulled and denied vital training.

It would be a mistake to think it is only affecting American assholes as sex trafficking groups and future international terrorists groups have noticed a decline in membership applications.

The bottom line is for the sake of returning to normal we have to get the kids back in school.