In an effort to relieve racial tensions in this city in crisis, today the Police Chief addressed the situation with a bold new plan. The Chief has decided since he lacks the funds to implement many of the excellent and wise suggestions made to the force he has decided to even the playing field with a more aggressive stance against White motorists during traffic stops.

The Chief said “Look we all want to go home safe to our families but the wise thing here is to promote racial harmony with a plan that while not just, or moral but it is politically correct. We apparently can’t stop shooting unarmed blacks in this city but, what we can do is strive for equality by taking out more of the white population.” In a side note he added “If your name is Karen, make sure your affairs are in order.”.

Black Lives Matter leaders are very upset and saying “Look this is not what we want, we want the police to stop shooting everyone as a first resort, not to shoot more people.”

The leaders of the NRA have stated “We do not support this plan but are glad that our gun laws will continue to ignore what is plainly an epidemic in our country”.

Former President Trump released a statement saying he clearly won Minnesota and wants another recount.