Today the White House has announced that President Trump will award the Medal of Freedom to three great Americans that stand up for American Ideals.

Devin Nunes unflinchingly ran like a little bitch to report activities of his intelligence committee directly to Trump, helping him flout the rules of decency for a sitting President. Truly showing freedom isn’t free it must be protected by the hard work of deception, lies and trickery.

Jim Jordan was also a staunch supporter of the President, deflecting truths, hard evidence, and ignoring eye witness testimony in congress, showing he had the ability to let things slide, as long as he was rewarded in the future with a more lucrative position. Jordan was also accused of honing his skills of ignoring evidence when wrestlers at “The Ohio State University” said he knew they were being molested and he looked the other way.

Anthony Quinn Warner is being awarded the Medal of Freedom despite the fact that he put numerous people’s lives in jeopardy by blowing up his recreational vehicle in downtown Nashville on Christmas Day 2020, Trump likes blowing shit up, bigly.