Today in front of the whole country Donald J. Trump took a bible hostage and threatened the American people that if they didn’t start treating him the way N. Koreans treat Kim Jung Ung, he will, and let me be specific, HE SAID “I will actually read this, and begin to behave the way this Jesus guy says.”

Experts realize that if Trump carries out his threat the whole fabric of American society would unravel.

Our Country is built on purposeful racism, economic disparity, and elitism unseen in the world since the time of Rome.

Jesus taught us to love one another, to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, Jesus would side with the poor, Jesus would follow God’s values not heroes. Jesus would put flesh on truth, Jesus would promote an alternate way and give us a new way to live.

Realizing the danger of Trump’s threat to actually read and live in a Jesus like way has sent shock waves throughout our Country as our military is being mobilized as we speak.

The people that represent the bible have no comment and have directed all questions to their Public Relations office @Judas2020.