Just as poppers and qualludes spread throughout the gay culture in 1970’s New York, a new trend is is cropping up among gay men in Tennesee and the Carolinas. A variation of the age old tradition of “noodling” whereby enormous catfish are pulled from deep holes in the riverbank by hand, this new trend adds a homo erotic twist.

Practitioners known among themselves as “The Purty Boys” have modified the practice to include anal penetration while masturbating against the writhing fish.

Purty Boy Clint Tuckus says it was just a natural outgrowth of the sensation that noodling brings.

“Ain’t nobody can stick a fist in a catfish mouth and feel all that wrigglin’ and not get a boner. Ain’t natural if’n you don’t. We figured why waste all them boners.”

“At first we jest tried fuckin’ the catfish but too many people was gettin’ hurt. Then one day Billy says to us ‘Why don’t we jest fuck each other and do the humpa humpa with the fish?’. Well by golly that did the trick!”

There are two positions in double noodling, the poker and the catcher. Clint explains.

“The catcher drops his drawers and sticks a fist down in the catfish hole while the poker gets behind him an smears some crick mud on his jimmy to make it slick. When the catcher gets a fish, he hollers ‘Thar she blows!” and pulls it up on top of him. At the same time the poker jams it in and it’s like ridin’ a bull at the rodeo if’n the bull had it’s dick in your ass.”

Asked how the non gay community in his area views the practice, Clint claims it’s not an issue.

“We’s in the hills. Up here a man does what a man does and ain’t nobody’s nevermind.”