Much like the time in American history that one man thought his actions were supported by much of the nation, one man’s treason is not the heroic act he envisioned.

One man who thinks he is above the machinations of our constitution will impact our country even when our country did not ask for it.

John W. Booth who wanted to continue a rebellion that the majority of Americans had enough of, decided he would take matter into his own hands, much like Donald J. Trump wants to continue a revolution of greed and ignoring the norms of our society.

Failed actors both, decided it was time to impact American history and expected people to rise up and support their version of what America should be.

While Booth turned out to be tragically wrong, Trump did find a great deal of support for his ignoring of our traditions and norms. Trump’s ascension to the greatest office in the world surprised many but his refusal to accept defeat was expected.

Both men have had a great effect on our legal norms as many laws and procedures of law enforcement will have to be reevaluated after their actions, both will have an indelible mark on our history and will be remembered.

The most glaring difference between the two men seems to be in body counts. Booth’s sit at the number two while Trump will most likely exceed 400,000 Americans.

Oh and yeah it seems both are racist assholes.