Justin Amash in announcing his bid for the Presidency fills an important role in our next election.

As the only candidate without alleged sexual assault allegations he has one of two options. To continue on in his bid with a record of no allegations which to some would seem wise or to assault a woman and achieve equal status with the other candidates. Representative Amash seems to be more than willing to take his responsibilities seriously. He has announced that not only will he assault a woman, he will assault a Transgender female that is half Mexican and half Asian.

This will truly make him a candidate for all of the people.

Asked to comment President Trump said “Justin Amash is just a big loser that is the loserist of all losers. If he was serious about running why has he waited so long to take advantage of someone that idolized him sooner. He is just a tremendous non-sexual assaulter that is trying to steal the thunder of us serial abusers.” I mean what kind of pussy grabber waits so long? And really what kind of slogan will he have? Make America settle for a pseudo Genitalia grabbed by a flip flopper ? That won’t even fit on a hat.”

When VP Biden was asked for a quote he said “We get pudding right?”