It has been revealed today that our nations deer population had taken a dramatic hit with the discovery of Remdesivir which has been found to decrease the length of Covid 19’s duration.

While not clear why but, it seems Fox news viewers have confused Remdesivir with DemRestingDeer.

That mistake has led to major hunting groups launching a full scale attack on the forest animals.

Quoting one hunter “Finally a cure I can get myself that actually helps to feed my family” the hunter stated as he was preparing to inject a combination of Lysol and deer blood that he has prepared for himself. “I know this works cause my late Cousin Cletus said it made him feel great right beforing he unexpectedly died from blood poisoning, which had nothing to do with Covid 19, which is winning in my book every God Damned Day!”

In an apparently related story there is a shortage of quality coffins in many of America’s rural counties.