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Deshaun Watson Moves Up in NFL Rankings

The NFL rankings have been changed thanks to a hard-pressing Deshaun Watson. Many pundits have talked it over and have come to a consensus that Watson is now 3rd in NFL scandals. Like many professional fields the NFL has had its share of scandals but when asked to place Watson on the list it was […]

Ron DeSantis to Testify Against Trump

Today the Jan. 6th committee has announced that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has asked to testify against Former President Donald Trump. The committee admits that it was stunned to find out DeSantis wanted to testify as they felt the Gov. would have little information to aid in their investigation, but after daily calls to the […]

Supreme Court Votes 6-3 to Change Name to Supreme Expression of One and Only God’s Wishes

Today in a controversial move the Supreme Court voted to adopt a new name based on the only true source of our government’s power. Other names were considered including “Black-robed Toga Party” suggested by Brett Kavanaugh, “Inquisition II” suggested by Amy Coney Barrett, and “Mother’s Mouthpiece” suggested by Clarance Thomas. In the end, however, speaking […]

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