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Uber Farts on Your Ride, Don’t Even Think About Your Grub Hub Delivery.

You contact your local Uber driver to take you to the local watering hole to be a safety-conscious driver and avoid putting others’ lives in danger, but at what cost? Sure you could save money and drink responsibly but that isn’t what being a party animal is all about, you need that ride. All is…

DeSantis Bans “Thoughts and Prayers”

This morning Florida Gov. Ron Desantis brought his unique approach to governing to offer up a new plan to stop gun violence in America. After careful review, Desantis has found the one common denominator in all of these attacks, and it isn’t guns. In a statement at a hastily called presser this morning Desantis points…

Deshaun Watson Moves Up in NFL Rankings

The NFL rankings have been changed thanks to a hard-pressing Deshaun Watson. Many pundits have talked it over and have come to a consensus that Watson is now 3rd in NFL scandals. Like many professional fields the NFL has had its share of scandals but when asked to place Watson on the list it was…

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