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Colonial Pipeline Ransom Attack Traced Back to Trump

Today it was revealed that while lacking any ability to understand hacking or even basic computer usage that the former President knew who to hire when it comes to continued disruption of the American economy. Text from Trump aides revealed that the twice impeached former president directed them to hire “Some 400 pound guy in […]

Minnesota Police Chief Promises to Shoot More Whites in Traffic Stops

In an effort to relieve racial tensions in this city in crisis, today the Police Chief addressed the situation with a bold new plan. The Chief has decided since he lacks the funds to implement many of the excellent and wise suggestions made to the force he has decided to even the playing field with […]

Trump’s Fans Want To Blow Up Capitol During State Of The Union

Kiefer Sutherland is excited to hear he may be asked to Reprise his role from the tv series “Designated Survivor”. It seems many of former Presidents Donald J. Trump coconspirators’ are determined to blow up the capitol building this year at the nations State Of The Union Speech. The idea of killing every member of […]

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