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Nfl Owner accuses Quarterback of Sexual Assault

Today an unidentified NFL owner alleges that a quarterback with a no-trade clause forced the owner to perform oral sex on the player during his trade interview. The Owner says the contract discussion started normally but then the quarterback pulled out a much smaller than standard contract to cover his genitals, the owner was visibly […]

I’m Gonna Kick Kyle Rittenhouse’s Ass

Man, I am pissed. Kyle is like hey man I wanna borrow a gun, I promise to give it back, I promise, and then today I pick up the paper and read “Kyle Rittenhouse’s assault-style rifle shredded in crime lab Video shows a crime lab technician placing the AR-15-style weapon into a mechanical shredder.” I […]

Former President Trump Given Emergency Colonoscopy

Former President Donald Trump was taken in today to be given an emergency colonoscopy among fears that his colon has stopped working. It was revealed to the public that Trump was digesting untold amounts of documents and even though he claimed of thoroughly chewing them, they still remained intact. The documents have been fished out […]

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