Today the Spokesman for the Gun Industry giant “We Killem and How” provided a strong opinion against a proposed warning label being attached to AR 15’s AKA The School Shooters’ Weapon of choice.

Attaching this label to our guns is just a cheap attempt at pulling on the public’s heartstrings to get us to become responsible members of society. We know our guns are top-notch and are designed to be a weapon of war but are also the first choice as a weapon against the terror of children growing up to be liberals that drink Bud Light and attend Drag queen shows and vote for Dumb-o-crats.

We won’t idly sit by and let woke members of Congress warn potential users of our guns that identifying victims is even something they should be concerned about. It isn’t our job to validate the kills it is society’s

Once again Woke America is trying to impose regulations onto those of us who choose the be the opposite of woke which by all accounts is asleep.

So, we SAY NO to warnings on our guns, NO to Libtards, NO to safe schools, NO to responsible gun ownership, NO to Life, Liberty, and The American Way. We say yes to GUNS GUNS GUNS!