It has been discussed in NRA think tanks to do something to lower the heat on assault weapons by promoting the effectiveness of other weapons.

“People seem to forget that a shotgun can be a very effective weapon in mass killings and we are afraid they just are not getting their fair shares of kills in American assaults.” MTG

What we need to do is not ignore the fact that killing many people at once does not have to be done the same way every time, you can use other techniques and weapons besides just being a copycat killer with assault weapons.

If you are going down in history why not use a weapon that says who you are, I mean so much attention is being placed on the weapons that many famous mass killers have been lost to the debate against assault weapons.

Looking back on history we were able to almost wipe out an indigenous race of people using far less effective weapons.

Mass Murder is a sure attention getter but we want Americans to show how special they really can be.