Today the Jan. 6th committee has announced that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has asked to testify against Former President Donald Trump.

The committee admits that it was stunned to find out DeSantis wanted to testify as they felt the Gov. would have little information to aid in their investigation, but after daily calls to the committee, they have agreed to have him testify.

It is rumored that DeSantis will testify that Trump is Pro-Choice and wants to raise taxes on the rich and loves minorities, Supports Climate change, supports common sense gun control, and has changed to a pro-immigrant policy on the border.

Despite Trump’s record of being against all of those things, DeSantis has assured he has proof that Trump himself fired the shot that killed Ashley Babbit in the capitol building and even protected Mike Pence from the Lynch mob.

Rep. Liz Cheney says “I am pretty sure DeSantis may just be trying to gain control of the Republican party with a bigger lie than even Trump would do.” His followers disputed that by playing with their own diarrhea.