Former President Donald Trump was taken in today to be given an emergency colonoscopy among fears that his colon has stopped working.

It was revealed to the public that Trump was digesting untold amounts of documents and even though he claimed of thoroughly chewing them, they still remained intact.

The documents have been fished out of toilets and been replicated to reveal that the former president Trump had eaten love letters detailing his relationship with Kim Jong-Un, Bazooka Joe Comics, multiple Big Mac Boxes.

Dr’s were very worried that perhaps his stomach bile was being used up through his public speeches leaving none to do the work of the digestive system.

Some of the other items that were discovered were condoms that read “Rocket Man was here”, Two Maga Hats, and perhaps the last piece of cauliflower he had ever eaten that was carbon-dated back to 1963, and while not removed they found 2 dimes,, and a nickel. When asked why the coins were not removed the Dr’s replied that they couldn’t make cents of it yet, but would let us know when change occurs.