Many people have wondered what happened to cause this once favorite M&M of millions of Americans to undergo the seismic shift in personality.

It has been revealed that Green M&M is being accused of being involved in helping Rep. Matt Gaetz of assaulting an underage female during his sex-fueled orgies that have been alleged to have occurred on his many junkets where he would venmo women funds for entertainment.

While the main purpose of the FBI investigation has focused on whether Gaetz paid an underage female for sex and took her across state lines it has also been revealed that Gaetz often enticed women with M&M’s that had large amounts of Green candies knowing these to be a sexual aphrodisiac.

Gaetz’s friends Joel Greenberg, Joe Ellicott, and his former girlfriend have all testified in secret but it has been leaked that the Green M&M is slated to be called in to give her hard-shelled opinion of the events in question.

In an effort to head off possible negative press Mars Company has decided to tone down its Candies sexual allure before it is stained with the same fate Pop Rocks suffered from the alleged death of “Mikey” #GoneTooSoon.

Green M&M has been asked to comment but so far has refused to melt under public pressure.