Yesterday the Dallas Cowboys have provided football fans with a new play to emulate in future games when teams want to cement a legacy of last-second failures in first-round playoff exits.

The Cowboys had feverishly worked to come back in a game that found them down 23-7 had drawn the score to 23-17 by scoring 10 unanswered points in the 4th quarter and seemed destined to score another touchdown until fate or the desire to be known as the team most likely to lose a first-round playoff game once again intervened.

With 14 seconds The Cowboys ran a draw play despite having no timeouts. When Dak Prescott slid down at the 24-yard line with the clock still running. This is where the play henceforth to be known as the “Larry, Curly, and Moe” was set into motion.

“The Larry” the Cowboys decide that they will spot the ball themselves instead of getting the ball to the Ref as rules state must be done, The Curly now instead of allowing the Ref to quickly get to the ball Dak Prescott throws his best block of this season hip checking the referee, and finally “The Moe”, the Cowboys had spotted the ball in the wrong place making the referee move it back to the correct spot. The clock then ticked to zero before the Cowboys could spike the ball.

This writer feels the Cowboys made the right call as most of America is sick of Dallas thinking they are America’s team when in reality America is sick of a state that routinely wants to threaten secession whenever anything does not go their way. It has also been suggested that the Rally cry of “How Bout Dem Cowboys” be changed to “The Hell With Dem Cowboys”.