Today going back to his roots President Biden called for the return of wired phones and banning phones that have cameras.

The President said “I can remember a time in America where people did not take pictures of food, I remember a time where adolescents did not abuse each other using the internets but usually did it in person, I remember a time where if you wanted to spy on a woman you had to wear sunglasses that hid your gaze, I remember a time when people had affairs and the only pictures taken were by shady private investigators, I remember a time when the government ignored and abused people they had only the word of mouth to stop it. America it is time to return to the past to save our children to relieve the court systems that are clogged up with constant sexual abuse cases, and if someone does you wrong you could give a pop in the mouth and usually get away with it. It is Time for America to be what we once were so that we can again go boldly into the future where ignorance can once again dictate our futures.

Republican counterpart Donald Trump said he admits it is easier to molest people before all this high-tech equipment but also would miss his ability to conjure up crazy conspiracies that fuel his wealth expansion and ignore legitimate claims of his incompetence. “Joe forgets the fact that the best way to get away from molesting women is to just deny everything. Paper ballots would make it impossible for me to continue my Big Lie and I would have to admit I lost and for that reason, I oppose Biden’s plan”.