In an attempt to become to become the destroyer of all worlds, Larry Littleone has refused to take any vaccine that will inhibit his ability to end mankind as we know it.

“Look, I have had a pretty crappy life. I mean sure I finished third in the Homecoming King vote in Carrollton Ohio, but that really has gotten me very little traction with the ladies.”

When asked if it wasn’t a bit selfish to destroy the world as we know it Mr. Littleone reminded this reporter that “Life isn’t fair. I mean really you can’t tell me that even if I get the shot, I won’t create a variant anyway.” When I reported to Mr. Littleone that he was wrong and that the vaccine would definitely stop that from happening Mr. Littleone seemed perturbed and declared “Man, I have the right to make others sick if I want to and if I can kill everyone on the planet then I will be the most famousest person in this here world.”

When it was revealed to Mr. Littleone if everyone were to die and if he did get the fame of destroying the world Mr. Littleone would probably not get to enjoy that fleeting moment of fame, since he would be the first victim of the variant. Mr. Littleone chanted “My Body, My Choice.