Today President Biden laid out a plan to use the “Ricco statute” to claim the homes of Jan. 6 Insurgents and then to give them to the Afghanis that provided safety to our troops, acting as translators and provided intelligence to American troops.

President Biden said ” Today we will move forward with our brave plan to provide people that stood up for democracy vs people that turned their backs on America. Today we will give the homes of the cowardly and traitorous throng to people that want and need Democracy.”

When asked to comment an unidentified Insurgent said “But, Merica is for Mericans”

The plan is based on the fact that most of the insurgents conspired together to commit a crime and using the Ricco statute they stand to forfeit their homes and possessions.

In a nod to fairness President Biden will allow the insurgents to remove their Trump flags off of their homes and all vehicles that will also be loss due to their conspiratorial behaviors.

President Trump when asked to comment said “I don’t care about the idiots that followed me, I just wanna know if they can take my stuff?”