Today the Taliban continued an unabated military operation to effective eliminate the government of Afghanistan.

Speaking to Taliban leaders they will continue to attack antigovernment forces aligned with their beliefs such as Florida and Texas.

The leaders of Florida and Texas have both waged a media war against democracy and Taliban leaders are so impressed by their autocratic leaders that they will target those American states next as they seem most welcome to the Taliban message.

A message of Taliban’s social policies—including the near-total exclusion of women from public life (including employment and education), the systematic destruction of government institutions and the failure to protect the governed have appealed to current leaders Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbot in those states making them ripe targets for Taliban expansion.

One issue however the wearing of Masks seems to be polar opposites but the Taliban is sure they can work things out like they did during American troops withdrawal negotiations.

To quote DeSantis and Abbot “Anyone against Democracy is more than welcome.”.