Today Q has announced to all of his followers that Marjorie Taylor Greene is actually a false flag event.

Q also has elaborated how difficult it was to reanimate a pile of shit he had stepped in when walking down a country road, but after several attempts he eventually brought the brainless dung to life.

Teaching the waste to spout conspiracy theories was relatively easy, but making it look like an acceptable member of society was the tricky part. Q realized if he took an AR 15 and wrapped the dung around it, then added a blonde wig, creating the false flag henceforth known as “Marjorie Taylor Greene”. Q knew it would appeal to most fans of President Trump. It worked for Ivanka, so it was pretty clear it could work for Taylor Greene.

During the primary it was important to have the discharge of a candidate appeal to the lowest common denominator which is a specialty of the Republican party.

The only real problem was hiding the dungs hatred of anyone intelligent which would reveal her evil mission.

On a side note “Taylor Swift” is giving serious thought to changing her name to “Dressmaker Swift”, so as not to be linked to America’s Congressional excrement.