This reporter has it from multiple sources that Rep. Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz are both working hard to reacquire their roles as Congresses bat shit crazy peoples.

It is readily apparent that Gun Nut Lauren Boebert and QAnon Gun Nut Marjorie Taylor Greene have both been crazier than a dog in a hubcap factory and have laid claim to lunatics of the House of Representatives. Both of the freshman members of congress have captured headlines away from Jordan and Gaetz.

Jordan is quoted as saying “Who do I have to ignore being molested to get some attention around here? I have ignored so many crimes of the Trump administration and I think for the press just to gloss over my apathy for being a decent member of society and respectful member of congress is downright shameful.”

Gaetz has been left dumbfounded as he has been one of the biggest Trump defenders despite mulitple accusations of criminal and immoral activity including Dui’s, hanging out with members of child sex rings and even going to the trouble of having plastic surgery to resemble his favorite spokesperson “Beavis”.

None of their famous actions or lack of such have been enough to stem the tide of falling behind in negative publicity like the two wetter than an otter’s pocket, Gun totting hate mongers.

Their appeal to the right wing insurrectionists has been nothing short of a tsunamis drowning the two wingnut icons Jordan and Gaetz under it’s massive swells.

This reporter warns you not to give up on the two dirtbag icons, because past history indicates there is no crime these two won’t ignore to their own benefit. Stay tuned!