Today it was revealed that our President is an actuated Sleeper Agent that has been working for the Russians to Destroy Fox news.

As complicated as this seems it is apparent that Russian leader Putin has planted many sleeper agents in the American populous to do his bidding.

It seems Putin was aggravated by a story that Sean Hannity did on his infotainment show that runs nightly on Fox news. He at that point decided it was time to play his ace in the hole Sleeper Agent Donald J. Trump.

He called Trump to Russia and with the help of two Russian scientists posing as hookers peed on Trump and activated his sleeper agent to go and destroy American democracy in an attempt to help Sean Hannity rise to great heights and then he will have Trump turn on Sean and destroy his career.

His agent however has lost control and this week attempted to assassinate Presidential hopeful Joe Biden. He did it by knowingly contracting Covid-19 and then trying to pass it on during this weeks debate.

When the assassination attempt failed the Kremlin agent posing as his Dr. has placed Trump in hiding and are attempting to still control their sleeper agent. Details are being collected as we speak with more to come.