Dear Enthusiastic Reader and Brothers in Invisibleness,

   One of the most beguiling (note: “beguiling” is how smart people like me say “confusing”–it’s one of the neat words I learned attending any of the various divinity schools I attended and in no way made up)…anywho–one of the most beguiling (wink: confusing) things for average people trying to live their lives, the Tom, Dick, or Muhammad on the street, if you will, is the difference between faith and proof to true believers like me and you.  I have communed with the Invisible Product in the Sky about faith, and this is what He taught me.

  There is no belief without faith, but there is not faith without proof, but there is no proof with revelation, but there is no revelation without faith, but there is no faith without dogma, but there is no dogma without evidence, but there is no evidence without the senses, and there would be no senses without the Invisible Product int he Sky giving them to you in the first place.  

  Let me explain with this parable, this is the Parable fo the Rock who Hadeth Eyes.  “Oh IP in the sky,” said the Rock Who Hadeth Eyes, “now I see!”  “No you don’t, you’re a rock, and rocks don’t have eyes, duh!”  What does this parade mean?  I’ll tell you.  (Of course I will tell you, who are you to try and explain a parable to me, the only Tier 7 High Priest in the Church of the Invisible Product, what a parable means–you haven’t even gone to ONE divinity school, YEESCH!)

  Consider the intelligence of design:  our world, our planet, our earth, our “2 or 3 more syllables for planet,” is so perfect and beautiful, it would be impossible to happen just randomly, right?  Yet, if the IP in the Sky made the world too perfect, then that would be darn spot on that He exists, which would be the end of faith.  But, a person with real faith (like me!) knows that without faith gods cease to exist.  But since I have faith, my god does exist, and I can see how perfect everything is, likes eyes, pregnancy, and mountains, which is how I know the IP in the Sky exists.  But then some smarty pants college professor will say–“eyes, pregnancy, and mountains aren’t perfect nor designed, eyes can go blind, young women die during childbirth all the time, and mountains are formed by the tectonic plates which also cause earthquakes and tsunamis, killing millions: so they’re not perfect at all.”  To which I answer, “but yes, design being NOT perfect is also how I know gods exist, since it is what makes my faith possible.”  Thus, through a miracle of what I’ll call “logic” evidence and faith prove each other, like a giant skunk eating its own tail.

Yours in Invisibleness, the Right Honorable Father Pastor A. Pope the Third Esquire (Tier 7)