Jeff Dunham is very upset. He now claims that mask wearing by new up and coming ventriloquists is just a cheap ploy to take advantage of Covid #19.

Trying to get ahead of the day when stadiums are once again full to hear a comic repeat old jokes with the help of dolls that often feature racist overtures all in good fun. Mr. Dunham is trying to get all ventriloquists to agree to wearing only face shields during performances. He strongly believes that seeing his lips not move is the key to saying over the top and pandering comments to the masses of Americans that wow at his comedic stable of “backwoods, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and, anti-Semitic” puppets. These puppets have made him the highest paying act in the country and popular at most Trump rallies.

Dunham makes it clear he is not racist or pandering, but does allow that a few of his puppets may have “Boogaloo” tendencies. I can’t be expected to watch them and filter the content that may or may not be in the trunks they travel in.

“Not wearing a clear mask during your act would make you less than a good person, like myself, in my opinion. I am appealing to you other ventriloquists to do the right thing and show America that your lips are as still as my heart, when I consider the damage I have done by continuing to slander and demean others.” were Mr. Dunham’s closing comments.