A group of bees have taken it upon themselves to take the sting out of what they consider negative stereotypes. An offshoot of the Anthophila Anti-Defamation League, the Peace Bees pledge to combat the image of being dangerous and a threat to humans.

Called to action by the recent publicity given to what they consider “criminal element” Murder Hornets, the Peace Bees plan to use a variety of demonstration tactics to bring awareness to their positive traits.

Peace Bees spokesman Buzz Hive explains.

“We have come under much scrutiny and duress because of the actions of a group of hornets (who aren’t even bees, by the way!) who have chosen to be violent and destructive. The false association of our members with that group is a source of embarrassment and pain and we feel we need to take actions to counteract these unkind perceptions. We are all about the flowers and honey, not stinging and killing and all that negative nonsense. “

The Peace Bees have planned a series of actions in cities across America called Love Swarms in which masses of bees will descend on humans peacefully landing on them and leaving droplets of honey as a token of their benevolent wishes.

Unfortunately the first Love Swarms have been met with violent resistance by the humans using clubs and swatters and attacking the bees with chemical irritants like Raid. A love Swarm in Ohio was brutally attacked and all members were found beheaded and lifeless. Police are investigating.