An unusual coalition of Centrist Democrats and Progressive Liberals has formed to combat the as yet to be confirmed phenomenon of patriot Russian Roulette clubs.

Hillary Clinton, Barbra Streisand, George Soros, Ilhan Omar, Jane Fonda, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Alec Baldwin, and Rachel Maddow are some of the notable celebrities that have lent their public stature to the cause and created the PAC “Hole In The Head” to expressly channel funds to legislation to severely restrict this alleged activity.

At a kickoff fundraiser for Hole In The Head, Streisand explained it this way:

“We have all heard of the people proclaiming they will take a bullet for Trump and have seen these illegal clubs sprout from that radical sentiment. We, as bleeding heart, tree hugging liberals must step in to prohibit people from expressing this sentiment with action under the misguided idea that it is protected by the first and second amendments. It is simply against the law and within our power to enforce our will through the law on people wishing to engage in this type of non-conformist action”

Clinton also spoke on the subject.

“Our founding fathers in no way intended in the second amendment that you could use your firearms in any way you choose when that action contradicts the wishes of the majority of nice, liberal people. Your individual rights are secondary to what the current culture wants.”

Ilhan Omar added “Sharia Law would never allow such behavior”.

Baldwin noted that the supposed groups may not be following the strict rules of Russian Roulette.

“The rules are there to constrain your behavior and are not meant to be freely interpenetrated. Only ONE bullet for 6 chamber cylinders. If left to free interpenetration, these people could put 3 or 5 bullets in the chamber. There would be no stopping their freedom to do that!”

Rachel Maddow chimed in “Russian!”.

Upon hearing of this group, president Trump was quick to counter this narrative in a late night tweet.

“The namby pamby, icky, nasty Libs are once again trying to stop Trump lovers from expressing their love for the greatest president the world has ever know by laying down their lives in my honor. Don’t let them get away with it! I will cut social security and orphans funds to redirect money to the formation of these MAGA Russian Roulette clubs. I have very good relations with Russia, by the way. Pull the trigger for America!”