Look, I get it. If we all wear a mask we can control and contain this Covid#19.

The real question is of course, is it worth it? When I use to cat whistle at women I was reasonably sure they were at least good looking, now I am not positive they are even women. Don’t judge, my Uncle Manny has a nice rack, it could happen to you…

The other night I treated myself to a hooker that claimed to look like Brittany Spears, ehhhhhh wrong she looked like pickle spears after I got that mask off. It was all I could do to let her blow me.

While these seem like minor inconveniences to you but remember we ain’t got no sports!

What the hell am I suppose to do besides verbally abuse women and sexually control them with my wallet? Besides If it weren’t for the gall dern masks I could sleep with a real hottie! What are my chances of doing that pre, during, or post pandemic!

Most importantly, my hero DONALD J. TRUMP isn’t wearing em so, jiminy crickets I ain’t either! #MakeAmericaNakedFacedAgain.