Many doubters have said it would be impossible for My President Donald J. Trump to get rid of every accomplishment of Barack WhoseSane? Obama.

Those doubters are wrong as we have reversed the falling unemployment rate that Obama started with a stunning 12% increase for a total of 16.7%. Man that is amazing since many people doubted it could be tripled but Trump did it!

This is not where the reversals end! Have you seen the deaths in America under Trump? Today we went over 100,000 deaths from a fake pandemic! Most people remember when Obama had a measly 2 deaths from the much more dangerous and real threat of Ebola, and get this, Trump hardly even tried!

It all started with a decrease of people interested in the inauguration and Trump continues to reverse any trends started by Obama, I can hardly wait to see what he does for the unwanted pregnancy rate!

Best of all? Look at our deficit, it was pie in the sky to say Trump would spend more than Obama, but the facts are facts and Trump has buried future generations in debt, in a manner many thought could never be done. Trump is our can-do President!