Today Harry Lipsome turned himself in to the local citizen’s watch group. Mr. Lipsome admitted to peeking in and walking around in the same construction site that Ahmaud Arbery peeked in on.

Mr. Lipsome felt that all things being fair and equal in our great country, he should be hunted down in the streets and shot by a father and son team under the very same citizen’s arrest statute on Georgia’s books.

Mr. Lipsome was quoted as saying “I was a big fan of The Andy Griffith show and I know the importance of people respecting citizens arrest. I can’t remember how many times it saved the people of Mayberry from countless incidences of unrest.”

Local vigilantes pointed out to Mr. Lipsome that no one was going to shoot him or for that matter even arrest him. Mr. Lipsome was clearly upset and promised he would attempt to apprehend himself, with no declarations of citizen’s arrest, wrestle and attempt to pull a shot gun away from himself and then fire three shots and fall mortally wounded, while at the same time congratulating himself for bringing law and order to the community. He called his son over for the arrest but his son told him he wanted no part in his plan because he had also peeked into the same construction site.

On a side-note Looky-Loo’s can now purchase tickets to peek in on that construction site for $14.95, without the worry of “Citizen’s Arrest” provided you make said purchase.