Cecelia Storkman has decided to track down the piece of shit that gave her the “Rona”

Cecelia has spent the last 45 minutes retracing her steps to determine who in fact exposed her to the covid#19 virus and by doing so, return the favor by reigning down holy hell on that piece of shit.

Her first suspect was the aging waitress at her house otherwise known as mom. Mom had been complaining of diarrhea and in a whimsical twist decided to fart in Cecelia’s face. Fecal spray has to be her first suspect in her twisted search to find the person that did this to her.

Her second suspect was the Loud overbearing “Covid Truther that yelled in her face at the local “Piggly Wiggly” screaming that “Your mask was infringing on his collection of spank bank faces and he wanted it off now”, before his mom drug him off to the 1999 Toyota Tundra, a truther and Isis favorite.

Suspect number 3, Cecelia noticed her cameraman had the sniffles during her last home sex shoot. Even though she had him wearing a mask she noticed some slippage over his nose on two closeups. Time for her to start investing in automatic cameras with self tracking perhaps.

Just like her hero “Nancy Drew” Cecelia has come to the spot when her investigation is stuck. Short of a car chase where somewhere tries to kill her, Cecelia must now prepare for her monthly sexcapade with President Trump, that bastard likes to raw-dog but at least the White House is protected against the “Rona”.