Citing a difference in direction, the Trump administration has removed Dr. Debrorah Birx from her post as Medical Advisor and replaced her with Dr. Allie McSqueal, an inflatable sex doll in a nurse’s uniform.

Citing an inability for doctor Birx to fully support president Trump’s leadership initiatives and an imbalance of intellectual ability, the administration has opted for an advisor more on par with Trump’s thinking.

President Trump addressed her departure at his White House briefing.

“I want to thank Dr. Birx for her service. She did a tremendous job… at least when she could keep her mouth shut. I wish her well in her future endevors as maybe a school nurse or a pharmacy cashier which would more suit her abilities.”

Also rumored for replacement is the White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. According to anonymous White House sources, top contenders for the position are a golden retriever and a bag of hammers with a blonde wig on it.