In president Trump’s daily briefing he has once again raised concern by speculating about an unapproved drug in relation to the pandemic.

“Many people in my cabinet… you know I have only the best people doing great jobs… so many people… well mostly Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka to be truthful… have been telling me about a drug that used to be used back in the 1940s by exterminators I think it was… is that right Stephen… exterminators?”

“It was called Zyklon B.”

“Stephen says it worked very well to get rid of a foreign infestation… And that’s what we have… an infestation from Gina… I don’t know if you inject it or inhale it… I think you need the medicals for that… but it sounds like something we should look into.”

“Zyklon B. What do you think Dr. Birx? Will you look into this for me?”

Dr. Birx, Trump’s go to medical expert at these breifings nodded her head slightly in agreement before covering her mouth with her handkerchief and appearing to convulse.

“I’ve already got Jared on this… He’s got a little spare time… He’s already setting up testing I believe.”

“Now we don’t have time to waste with all those Obama holdouts in the CDC and the FDA. The economy is hurting! So we are going to route the testing through an agency I trust… No never Trumpers!”

“We’re going to let ICE handle it. They have some volunteers already rounded up in Texas and Arizona… so we can try it out. I’m not a doctor but I’ve got a very good… you know.”

“What have you got to lose?”