The Trump administration went to the pros to supply our nations health workers with advanced ppe’s.

The often overlooked suppliers of our nation’s condoms have been hard at work providing the country with protective devices that have prevented men from bringing home viruses and diseases for year.

President Trump while having never availed himself of the wonderful protective devices while grabbing pussy and having sex with porn stars nonetheless realized the answer to a lack of PPE was staring him in the face ( a result of his last summit with Putin).

President Trump decided the people to turn to, would be the thriving condom industry! When put to the test, our country’s Condom manufacturers have created the ultimate mask for Dr’s and nurses.

Unfortunately, after the deaths of three nurses and two Dr.s, plans for their release have stalled. What we thought was a new design was in reality just a repackaged version of “Magnums” called “Covid-FaceHuggers”.