Mike Lindale,  Inventor and CEO of MyPillow® Inc., has written a book describing his Cocaine addiction and 14 near death experiences. The Book is called “What Are The Odds? Crack Addict to CEO”

Having not read the book I can only surmise the following. In his book Mike discusses the life of being an addict that struggled to find a pillow that supported his addictions.

One day after a night of dangerous drug liaisons Mike was enjoying the cartoon “Flint-stones” He noticed the pillows were very reminiscent of what he lovingly called rocks. He felt it was a message from God that he had to share with the rest of us.

He went from crack-house to crack-house searching for just the right type of pillow that would allow him to relax long enough to survive his addiction.

In a true miracle, God led Mike to sweatshops that not only specialized in pillows but also crack. The best of both worlds for Mike and it convinced him to give up crack and to grow a porn mustache that would convince fellow crack whores to join him in a world changing pillowage. Christians and crack fiends from all over the world decided to join him and become his pillow factory workers.

The pillow they created filled the cracks in their lives more than the rocks in their pipes.

Mike took the skills of rolling crack in protective containers and immersed those skills into creating an addictive pillow for all Americans.

Since that Time Mike has become a staple at conservative events especially with his stories of what I can only guess are about how sucking dick for crack is equal to promoting the Trump agenda.

All the while of course pushing his pillow on the masses, honing his drug selling tactics to convince Americans “If A Crack Addict Can Sleep on It, You Can Too! “.