One of the most daunting tasks the Biden campaign has struggled with is to engender excitement and support among progressive and liberal elements of the Democratic base. Although having been Vice President to possibly the most popular president this century, that connection in the minds of younger voters who make up a good portion of this voter group is not well defined.

Recognizing his association with Barrak Obama is probably his greatest strength, Biden has changed his last name to “Bama”.

“From now on the campaign will be asking you to vote for Joe Bama,” Campaign chairperson Jen O’Malley Dillon declared. “Our slogan is ‘Joe Bama 2020, ‘time for seconds!’. We feel that the connotations evoked by the sound of that name might encourage or even fool a number of younger voters to check the box.”

Asked how he would answer to criticism that such a move might be viewed as grotesque mongrel dog pandering, Biden was dismissive.

“What a bunch of Mallarkey! I tell you those youngsters… Bernie fellows or guys or whatever they’re called… they better get on board this Chattanooga Choo Choo… My goodness, sometimes I think they might need a good old fashioned board to the noggin!”

When questioned about the possibilities for juvenile taunts the name might invoke, Biden was non-plussed. “Even Trump isn’t racist enough to go to ‘Joe Mama’! C’mon man!”

Shortly after the president posted a tweet calling the candidate ‘Joe Mama’.