Scientists have discovered that the more you bomb on stage correlates to how likely you are to bomb in your evaluation of Pandemic plaques.

Those same scientists had painfully gone to comedy clubs in the years preceding this pandemic to hear some of the worst comedy of their lives in preparation for future times such as these. Since that time they have followed and documented, that the comics that were immune to failing on stage, are now leading the charge that the pandemic isn’t real.

Not believing in the dangers of Covid#19 means that you have also built up an immunity to realizing that the boos are not laughs. The same brain function that gives a comic the ability to think describing “Killing the pet dog” would lead to deafening laughter, has allowed these comics to think not only are they ready to headline their own HBO Special, but they are also immune to disease.

Psychologists that have looked at this phenomenon and have proposed that this is indeed an attempt to punish audiences in the same way they felt punished. Long days and longer nights with the memories of nausea, mind numbing pain, exhaustion, depression and being broken inside makes the comic want to expose their judge-mental audience to the pain of Covid#19. Describing the effects of people becoming deathly ill only makes these comics want to share the virus to even more people. Yes, it is revenge, the sweetest taste in the mouth that ever was cooked for a failing comedian.

Why else would any comedian think their joke about “Hanging chads in Florida was great for America but hanging Obama would be even better” would work anywhere but a KKK meeting?

While most of us are trying to deal with the day to day struggle of this virus, talent challenged comics are mentally still battling the hecklers that yelled out “You suck” with great openers like “So, what’s the deal with ventilators?”.

To summarize, the more you encourage others to expose themselves to getting the virus, the more likely it is, you were already hacking all over the place.